High Definition Chromogenic Multiplex IHC Staining for Rapid Biomarker Tissue Profiling to Meet the Needs of Precision Medicine

Our chromogenic multiplex IHC technology uses our proprietary UltraPlex Tagging system to allow simultaneous staining using cocktails of antibodies. Combined with a single antigen retrieval step and use of Leica Biosystems BOND RX/RXm autostainers and Aperio brightfield scanners, this simple and rapid chromogenic multiplex staining allows out of the box access to brilliant chromogenic biomarker profiling of tissue sections. UltraPlex chromogenic multiplex IHC panels are also available for use in manual staining or with open access autostainers. See our Technology page for details of the Tagging technology and our Gallery for tumor profiling images.

Rapid & Precise Chromogenic Multiplex Tissue Profiling — An Expanding Range of Kits.

CP01-LBS Panel

PD-L1, CD8, PanCK

CP02-LBS Panel

CD4, CD8, PanCK
Colorectal Cancer

CP03-LBS Panel

CD68, CD163, PD-L1
Lung Adenocarcinoma

UltraPlex Chromogenic Multiplex IHC Benefits

Out-of-the-Box Access

  • Range of pre-optimized panels for key biomarkers.
  • FFPE-tissue optimized.
  • Use your standard instrumentation; no need for purchase of new expensive equipment.
  • Permanent record of cellular composition and spatial relationships.

Staining to Analysis in a Single Day

  • Simple, fast, simultaneous staining using cocktails of 3–4 antibodies.
  • Single antigen-retrieval step.
  • Standard path lab workflow.
  • BOND RX/RXm autostainer and manual staining optimized.
  • Rapid, whole-slide brightfield imaging.
  • Data easily exported for image analysis.

High-Definition Tissue Biomarker Profiling

  • Brilliant chromogenic detection of biomarker co-expression using optimized chromogen selection.
  • Custom panel development.
  • Primary antibody species independence.
  • Avoids autofluorescence.
  • Eliminates species-on-species issues.

Kits Available for Rapid, High-throughput Staining on the BOND RX/RXm!

Multiplex chromogenic IHC staining is simple, fast and fully automated on the BOND RX/RXm platforms and Aperio Brightfield scanners. Cell IDx has partnered with Leica Biosystems to offer UltraPlex chromogenic multiplex IHC staining kits for use on the BOND RX/RXm.

  • Rapid, high-throughput staining ~4.5 hours for 3-plex on the BOND RX/RXm.
  • Optimized, plug and play reagents against key biomarkers.
  • Call to request Custom Staining Panels.
  • Preloaded Cell IDx protocols on the BOND RX/RXm require BOND RX 7.0 software with BXD v25 or above.
  • Kit contains antibody cocktails, diluent, blocking buffer and Cell IDx Yellow chromogen.
  • Use together with Leica reagents including Leica BOND Polymer Refine Red Detection kit & Leica Blue Chromogen.
  • Manual staining and open access autostainer kits are also available.
A seamless solution for biomarker tissue profiling: rapid, automated multiplex staining using UltraPlex kits and Leica instrumentation.

Order from our range of available panels below or contact us to create a custom RUO panel for you.

Preloaded Cell IDx protocols on the BOND RX/RXm require BOND RX 7.0 software with BXD v25 or above.

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Product Name Description Size Catalog # List Price Quantity Add to Cart
CP01-LBS Multiplex Panel - Human PD-L1/CD8/PanCK Chromogenic multiplex IHC kit for BOND RX - human PD-L1, CD8, PanCK 10 slides CP01A-010 $2,500
CP02-LBS Multiplex Panel - Human CD4/CD8/PanCK Chromogenic multiplex IHC kit for BOND RX - human CD4, CD8, PanCK 10 slides CP02A-010 $2,500
CP03-LBS Multiplex Panel - Human CD68/CD163/PD-L1 Chromogenic multiplex IHC kit for BOND RX - human CD68, CD163, PD-L1 10 slides CP03A-010 $2,500
  • 50- and 100-slide kits available, please inquire.
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.