Cell IDx is the technology leader in multiplexed cellular immunodiagnostics. We are a privately held biotechnology company committed to developing highly sensitive and specific reagents for research and clinical immunohistochemistry.

UltraPlex mxIF (multiplex immunofluorescence) technology allows simultaneous detection and quantitation of multiple markers in tissue sections, allowing analysis of sub-populations of cells “in situ” in the context of tissue morphology. Multiplex staining is achieved in the same time it takes to perform a single marker stain, allowing truly rapid screening on a large scale.

This state-of-the-art platform technology has wide application to many disease states. Small tumor biopsies can be sub-typed and interrogated for potential drug targets based on multiple parametric analysis, providing important diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information. Our next-generation tumor biopsy analysis can identify subpopulations of infiltrating lymphocytes and expression of targets of checkpoint inhibition providing physicians with a powerful new tool to predict responsiveness to newly emerging therapies. Our vision is to apply this technology widely to address both the present and future needs of the research and clinical markets in oncology, immuno-oncology and other disease states.

We offer an ever-increasing range of UltraPlex mxIF panels in the fields of oncology, immune phenotyping and immuno-oncology and are expanding into other disease areas. In addition, we can develop custom panels for research and clinical diagnostics. Please contact us to discuss potential collaborations, services or licensing opportunities.

We invite you to view our examples of our UltraPlex and UltraPolymer products and to learn more about our technology and how it can further your research by providing previously inaccessible data and doing so quickly.

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