Cell IDx is a technology leader in multiplexed tissue profiling, developing highly sensitive and specific chromogenic and fluorescent multiplex immunohistochemistry reagents to meet the needs of precision medicine.

Our UltraPlex platform Tagging technology has enabled the generation of UltraPlex fluorescent and chromogenic multiplex immunohistochemistry panels, providing simultaneous detection of multiple markers in tissue sections and allowing analysis of sub-populations of cells in situ in the context of tissue morphology. Multiplex staining is achieved in virtually the same time it takes to perform a single marker stain, enabling truly rapid tissue phenotyping on a large scale.

Our vision is the widespread application of this technology to address both the present and future needs of the research and clinical markets in oncology, immuno-oncology and other disease states. We offer an ever-expanding range of multiplex staining panels as well as rapid development of custom panels, tissue staining, imaging, and analysis services.

We invite you to learn more about our multiplex biomarker technology and see how it can further your tissue profiling and biomarker discovery research. Please contact us to discuss potential collaborations, services, or licensing opportunities.


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