Cell IDx’s UltraPlex mxIF (multiplex immunofluorescence) platform, using our novel modified-hapten technology, can be applied to the development of unlimited custom cell phenotyping panels. If you have an antibody to your target antigen, we can incorporate it into a custom panel with a variety of other antigen-specific antibodies.

The possible applications of the technology are extensive. Maybe you want to look at several drug/therapeutic targets simultaneously or quantitate the level of expression of a particular checkpoint inhibitor on CTL, T helper cells, and Tregs in a small, single biopsy section using a human immune panel. Perhaps you are interested in analyzing the effects of drug treatment on cell phenotype and marker expression in a tumor xenograft model. With UltraPlex mxIF, strong signals without mouse-on-mouse background interference will be produced.

Tissue alignment of two or three sequential sections labeled with individual four-plex UltraPlex mxIF panels provides an unsurpassed capacity for cellular analysis in situ, yielding detailed information on complex biological systems. Identify multiple cell types based on multiple markers and characterize their contextual and spacial localization relative to each other. Imagine combining a breast cancer (HER2/ER/PR/Ki-67) panel with a Treg panel (CD4, CD8, FoxP3, PD-1).

With two slides and a simple, two-hour staining procedure, it’s possible to generate key diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information:

  • 1 Characterize a breast cancer sample as Luminal A, Luminal B, HER2-enriched, and Triple-Negative Basal-Like subtypes
  • 2 Quantitate and identify the localization of infiltrating CTL, T helper cells, and T regs relative to the tumor
  • 3 Quantitate levels of expression of the PD-1 checkpoint molecule on different T cell subsets
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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