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Select Your Own Fluorescent Multiplex IHC Panel from Our Range of Qualified Biomarkers

CD4+, FoxP3+
CD4+, Tbet+
CD8+, Tbet+
CD4+, FoxP3+, Tbet+
Melanoma: CD4, CD8, FoxP3, Tbet.  

Freedom in multiplexing means faster results for you. Rapidly advance your research using UltraPlex Modular — a new way to quickly create your own multiplexed IHC immuno-oncology biomarker panels. UltraPlex Modular now combines our rapid and simple UltraPlex fluorescent multiplex immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining technology with the ability to quickly provide new multiplex IHC biomarker panels on request.

Select your panel from a growing collection of tumor and immune biomarkers to visualize cellular composition, localization and co-expression all on tissue samples as small as a needle core biopsy. With our simple, rapid 2-step, 2-hour staining protocol using standard IHC instrumentation, you can stain, scan and analyze your data in as little as one day. UltraPlex Modular allows you to substitute new biomarkers or devise new panels in response to emerging data in order rapidly test new hypotheses, build a full profile of the tumor microenvironment, and advance immunotherapy development.

  • User-Defined: Create your own on-demand multiplex biomarker panel
  • Fast: Rapid 2-step IHC protocol delivers results immediately
  • Familiar: Use standard IHC equipment you already have
  • Five slide staining kit is $1750

Browse our growing biomarker collection below, configure your 4-plex panel (5 and 6 plex panels coming soon), choose which fluorophore set you prefer (A or B panels), and the number of slides, then submit your request. We will respond within 48 hours with availability.

New markers are being continually added, if you don’t see the marker(s) you need, please call or email us to ask about availability or to inquire about custom panel development services.

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