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Cell IDx is the technology leader in multiplexed cellular immunodiagnostics. Our UltraPlex mxIF multiplex immunofluorescence platform technology allows simultaneous detection of multiple markers on a single tissue. From these results multi-parametric cellular analysis and quantitation in-situ in tissue sections is possible.


See an example of the stunning results you can get with UltraPlex technology using our new staining visualization tool.

GEN Feature Articles
Supplement: Who Gets Immunotherapy for Cancer?

Single-agent or combination checkpoint inhibition (CPI) immunotherapy can have dramatic impacts for positive responders. But currently-used nonspecific biomarkers are unable to definitively stratify and identify cohorts. This is a critical challenge; no one wants to deny care. Targeted biomarkers and companion diagnostics can greatly aid therapeutic decision making. Immunotherapy applications require more than just quantification of infiltrating immune cell subpopulations. Context is crucial, and concentrated efforts are underway to provide accurate information on the percentage and location of infiltrating immune cell subpopulations, both relative to each other and to tumor margins, as well as levels of expression of checkpoint and other immune markers. The Cell IDx UltraPlex mxIF (multiplex immunofluorescence) technology, a simple two-hour staining procedure, can simultaneously detect multiple biomarkers in tissue using a standard two-step primary and secondary antibody protocol and existing autostainers, imaging scanners, and image-analysis software. The technology is modular (plug and play); approximately 30 primary antibodies have been qualified thus far. Read the full article from GEN.

Products & Services

Cancer Multiplexing

Tumor phenotyping in one step using a single small biopsy section to provide diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic indications.

Immuno-Oncology Multiplexing

Phenotype infiltrating T cell subpopulations, B cells, and antigen presenting cells, and quantitate expression of key molecules including checkpoint markers.

UltraPolymer Detection

Highest sensitivity and specificity, low background secondary antibody HRP immunopolymers for all your IHC needs.


Custom multiplex panel development , and section staining and imaging.

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