UltraPlex Hapten Technology allows multiplexing of any immunoassay including tissue and cellular fluorescent and chromogenic assays.

Technologies & Applications

UltraTag Multiplex Labeling Kits

Make your own fluorescent or chromogenic multiplex panel with UltraTag Multiplex Labeling Kits. Four kits are available to label 4 antibodies of your choice.

UltraPlex mxIF Human Panels

Visualize up to 4 protein biomarkers tissue in a simple, rapid, 2-step, 2-hour staining protocol using standard IHC instrumentation.

UltraPlex mxIHC Multiplex Chromogenic

For the first time, using UltraPlex mxIHC technology allows chromogenic detection of up to 4 biomarkers using primary antibodies from any species.

UltraPolymer HRP Detection

High performance anti-species-HRP polymers optimized for IHC at a highly cost-effective price. Multiple anti-species and universal products are available.

PathIDx Services Stain+Image+Analyze

Path IDx, a single source for multiplex immunofluorescent and multiplex immunochromogenic panel development and staining services.

News & Technology Updates

Did you know that Cell IDx services are now on scientist.com?

Cell IDx is a Registered Supplier with scientist.com, so sign in and send us a request today. Access our full-service multiplex biomarker tissue section staining, imaging, and analysis services using both fluorescent and chromogenic multiplex panels in human and in mouse.

  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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