Fluorescent Multiplex IHC for Mouse Biomarker Tissue Profiling

Out of the box access to mouse multiplex biomarker tissue profiling using UltraPlex fluorescent multiplex IHC. A simple, two-step staining procedure using cocktails of antibodies and a single antigen retrieval step makes your staining both rapid and simple whether using manual staining or an autostainer for high throughput staining. Create the fluorescent mouse multiplex IHC panel of your choice using UltraPlex Modular by selecting from our menu of qualified mouse biomarkers.

  • Select the four biomarkers you wish to detect.
  • Choose fluorophore set appropriate for your scanner or microscope.
  • Request kits for the number of slides you want to stain.

Our UltraPlex Modular solution to creating your own custom mouse multiplex panel on demand provides you with access to a simple, rapid technology which can take you from staining to imaging and analysis, generating high-content data, within a day. Maximize your data and your time!

High-Throughput Autostainer

KRAS tumor CD3 , CD4 , CD8 , FoxP3

KRAS tumor F4/80 , CD11b , B220 , MPO

KRAS tumor CD8 , FoxP3 , CD11b , F4/80

EMT6 tumor CD4 , CD8 , FoxP3 , TIM3

Manual Staining

Spleen CD3 , CD4 , CD8 , FoxP3

Spleen F4/80 , CD11b , B220 , MPO

Spleen CD8 , FoxP3 , CD11b , F4/80

Spleen CD4 , CD8 , FoxP3 , TIM3

UltraPlex Benefits

  • Modular Panels — select your own biomarker & fluor combinations
  • Manual staining or BOND RX/RXm suggested protocols
  • Single antigen retrieval step
  • Easy, rapid, simultaneous staining using cocktails of antibodies
  • Standard IHC lab workflow, two staining steps
  • FFPE tissue optimized
  • Data easily exported for image analysis
  • Uses standard equipment
  • Call to request full Custom Staining Panels against your novel biomarkers

See our Technology page for details on the UltraPlex technology, as well as our Gallery of tumor profiling.

Modular Mouse Fluorescent Multiplex IHC Panels

Please contact us to browse and select from our growing biomarker collection, choose which fluorophore set you prefer, the number of slides, and then submit your request.

New markers are being added continually. If you don’t see the marker(s) you need, please contact us to ask about availability or to inquire about custom panel development services.

  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.