CP02A-010 | CP02-LBS Multiplex Panel - Human CD4/CD8/PanCK

Kit for chromogenic multiplex IHC staining of human CD4, CD8, PanCK
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10 slides
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Kit for chromogenic multiplex IHC staining of 10 slides plus a single negative control slide on the BOND RX with V7.0 software. <br> <table> 1° Antibody| Clone| 1° Tag| 2° Antibody| Chromogen! CD4| EPR6855| UT014| Anti-UT014-HRP| Leica Blue! CD8| EPR10640(2)| UT015| Anti-UT015-AP| Leica Refine Red! PanCK| AE1/AE3| UT016| Anti-UT016-HRP| Yellow! </table> Leica Refine Red and Leica Blue chromogens must be purchased separately from Leica Biosystems. <br> Optimized for use on FFPE tissue sections. <br> Suitable for conventional brightfield imagers. <br>
IHC-P. Multiplex chromogenic tissue staining of human FFPE tissue sections.
*Peroxidase Block 2 (Ready to Use) <br> Concentrated primary antibody cocktail (CD4-UT014, CD8-UT015, PanCK-UT016) <br> Concentrated Cell IDx Polymer #1 (anti-UT014-HRP, anti-UT015-AP) <br> Concentrated Cell IDx Polymer #2 (anti-UT016-HRP) <br> Cell IDx Rabbit Block (Ready to Use) <br> Antibody Diluent <br> *Cell IDx HRP arrest solution part A (Azide in MES) <br> *Cell IDx HRP arrest solution part B (30% H202) <br> Yellow Chromogen <br> Yellow Chromogen Buffer <br>
12 months
UltraPlex mxIHC CP02A-LBS (CD4/CD8/PanCK) Staining Protocol for BOND RX-RXm 202104A<br> download from https://cellidx.com/technical/protocols/
For In vitro Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use. Suggested applications of our products are not recommendations to use our products in violation of any patent or as a license under any patent of Cell IDx, Inc. Product may not be resold or modified for resale without prior written approval of Cell IDx, Inc.

Chromogenic multiplex IHC staining of FFPE human colorectal cancer section on the BOND RX with UltraPlex panel CP02-LBS: CD4 (blue), CD8 (red), PanCK (yellow)

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