HI04B-100 | HI-4B mxIF Panel - CD8, CD68, Pan-CK, PD-L1

Panel Type
B Panel
490, 550, 594, 650 nm fluors
Catalog No.
100 slides
Product Overview
All components required to stain 5 multiplex slides plus a single negative control slide with simple two-step protocol.<br> <table> 1° Antibody| Clone| 1° Hapten| 2° Antibody| 2° Fluor! CD8| EP334*| CH015| Anti-CH015| CL 490! CD68| C68/684| CH019| Anti-CH019| CL 594! Pan-CK| AE1/AE3| CH016| Anti-CH016| CL 650! PD-L1| CAL10**| CH014| Anti-CH014| CL 550! </table> Optimized for use on FFPE tissue sections. <br> Suitable for spectral imaging. <br> Additional negative control (secondary reagents alone) are available, see NEG01B. <br> Depending on your imaging scanner or microscope you may want to use Product HI04A with 490, 550, 650 and 750 nm fluors instead.
Concentrated 1° antibody-hapten (0.5mg/ml) in PBS/15mM azide <br> Concentrated 2° antibody-fluor (0.5mg/ml) in PBS/15mM azide <br> Antibody diluent solution - PBS/1% BSA/15mM azide <br> Tissue block solution - 3% rabbit serum in PBS/1%BSA/15mM azide <br>
For Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.