HI01A-100 | HI-1A mxIF Panel - CD3, CD4, CD8, CD20

Panel Type
A Panel
490, 550, 650, 750 nm fluors
Catalog No.
100 slides
Product Overview
All components required to stain 100 multiplex slides with simple two-step protocol.<br> <table> 1° Antibody| Clone| 1° Hapten| 2° Antibody| 2° Fluor! CD3| EP177*| CH016| Anti-CH016| CL 650! CD4| EP204*| CH014| Anti-CH014| CL 550! CD8| EP334*| CH015| Anti-CH015| CL 490! CD20| EP7*| CH019| Anti-CH019| CL 750! </table> Optimized for use on FFPE tissue sections. <br> Suitable for conventional imaging using defined filter sets. <br> Additional negative control (secondary reagents alone) are available, see NEG01A. <br> Depending on your imaging scanner or microscope you may want to use Product HI01B with 490, 550, 594 and 650 nm fluors instead.
Concentrated 1° antibody-hapten (0.5mg/ml) in PBS/15mM azide <br> Concentrated 2° antibody-fluor (0.5mg/ml) in PBS/15mM azide <br> Antibody diluent solution - PBS/1% BSA/15mM azide <br> Tissue block solution - 3% rabbit serum in PBS/1%BSA/15mM azide <br>
For Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.

Lung cancer tissue stained with CD3 (red), CD4 (yellow), CD8 (green) and CD20 (purple). Tissue courtesy of Dr Jair Bar, Sheba Medical Institute.

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