Custom Multiplex Biomarker Profiling

Freedom in Multiplexing — Make Your Own Panels

UltraPlex Modular allows you to customize your multiplex biomarker profiling panels. Select 4 markers from our range of available biomarkers (5 and 6 plex panels coming soon), choose which fluorophore set you prefer (A or B panels) and the number of slides. Submit you inquiry and we will respond within 48 hours with availability.

New markers are continually being added, so if you don’t see the marker(s) you need, please call or email us to ask about availability, or to inquire about our custom panel development services.

Please contact us to discuss your needs with a call or email, or complete the form below.

CD4+, FoxP3+
CD4+, Tbet+
CD8+, Tbet+
CD4+, FoxP3+, Tbet+
Melanoma: CD4, CD8, FoxP3, Tbet.  
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Select “A” or “B” fluors:
Quantity of Slides:

5-200 (cursor up/down also changes values).

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