Cell IDx’s state-of-the-art multiplex immunofluorescence technology allows rapid phenotyping of tumor samples based on multiple markers. Obtain flow cytometry-like data while retaining the spatial cellular context of different cell populations — all in two hours on a single section. Our individual panels consist of four markers plus DAPI as a nuclear marker to enumerate total cell number.

HNSCC has both HPV-positive and -negative etiologies. Use our HNSCC panel to stain for the p16 HPV antigen to differentiate between these two subtypes.

CK-5 (green), EGFR (red), Vimentin (blue), and p16 (turquoise)

HNSCC HPV-Negative

CK-5 (green), EGFR (red), Vimentin (blue), and p16 (turquoise)

HNSCC HPV-Positive

  • “A” multiplex panels are linked to 490, 550, 650, and 750nm fluors.
  • “B” multiplex panels are linked to 490, 550, 590, and 650nm fluors.
  • Single stain controls for generating a spectral library for use with “B” multiplex panels are available separately.
  • Please select the appropriate panel for use with your imaging scanner or microscope.

Order from our range of available panels below or contact us to create a custom RUO panel for you.

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HN-1A mxIF Panel - EGFR, CK5, Vimentin, Ki-67 490, 550, 650, 750 nm fluors 1 slide HN01A-001 $0

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