UTK-490 | UltraTag Kit 490

Kit to label 50 μg of purified antibody with CH015 hapten, and CL490 fluor labeled anti-CH015 detector antibody to stain 15-20 slides
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1 Kit
Product Overview
• Antibodies labeled with different UltraTag kits can be combined as cocktails to create multiplex panels for simple two-step multiplex immunoassays including immunofluorescence staining of tissue sections, ICC and ELISpot. <br> • Please ensure your antibodies for labeling are at 1mg/ml in buffer free of extraneous proteins such as serum, BSA or gelatin. <br> • Select antibodies which work well in your desired application. <br> • For fluorescence based multiplex IHC, we recommend selecting clones of antibodies which titrate down below 1μg/ml by conventional IHC.
All components required to label 50 μg of a carrier-free antibody to Cell IDx hapten CH015. The kit includes 3 required spin purification columns, antibody linker and lyophilized hapten. CL490 fluor labeled rabbit anti-CH015 detector antibody sufficient to stain 15-20 slides is also included.
For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostics or therapeutic use.

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